Alpinestars Introduces the Supertech R10 Racing Helmet

Alpinestars, the renowned Italian brand, is highly regarded worldwide for its gear. The AStars name is prominently featured on the outfits of top racers in various disciplines, as well as on the gear of weekend warriors. While Alpinestars offers a wide range of gear, their selection of helmets has been limited.

However, the brand has recently unveiled the Supertech R10, their first full-face racing helmet designed specifically for track use. The Supertech R10 is marketed as a top-tier racing helmet with MotoGP-derived technology. It surpasses the standard ECE 22.06 certification by obtaining a full-fledged FIM safety certification, making it the closest thing to an actual MotoGP helmet.

The Supertech R10 features a shell made from a blend of aramid, glass, and carbon fibers, resulting in a lightweight yet durable composite that can absorb and dissipate impacts. It also includes eight EPS foam elements with six densities to further enhance energy absorption, particularly for oblique impacts and rotational forces. These features work together to provide maximum protection in the event of a crash.

Despite being a racing helmet, the Supertech R10 is suitable for street use as well. Alpinestars has prioritized comfort and longevity by incorporating a fully removable inner liner with antibacterial fabric. The helmet also features the A-Head system, allowing for a customizable fit to enhance comfort. Additionally, the Supertech R10 has 11 airflow openings, some of which work in conjunction with its aerodynamic features such as dual rear spoilers and side fins.

In terms of optics, the Supertech R10 is equipped with an optical class 1 clear visor that provides a wide vision angle of 22 degrees by 57 degrees. This makes the helmet ideal for a semi-tucked position, similar to that of supersport bikes or aggressive hyper-naked machines. A smoked visor is available as well, which is compatible with the Pinlock 120XLT anti-fog film. The helmet also includes visor tear-off lugs for track use, and a nose cover and chin curtain for added comfort during street use.

The Alpinestars Supertech R10 is one of the best racing helmets available to the general public. However, its quality comes with a high price tag. The plain color options of black and white are priced at $999.95 USD, just under $1,000. If you prefer a helmet with graphics, there are two designs to choose from, but they come at a higher price of $1,199.95 USD.