Schwalbe Unveils New Environmentally Friendly Bike Tires

Schwalbe, a prominent name in the bicycle tire industry, has introduced a new range of tires called the Green Marathon. These tires are designed not only for regular pedal bikes but also for e-bikes. The main focus of the Green Marathon tires is to reduce microplastics and emissions from tire production while ensuring ethically sourced rubber. Schwalbe claims that the rubber used in these tires is 100-percent Fair Rubber with a Fair Trade seal, aligning with their vision for sustainability.

The production of the Green Marathon tires utilizes 70-percent renewable and recycled raw materials, resulting in a significant 98-percent reduction in harmful substances. Additionally, Schwalbe states that their CO2 footprint has been reduced by 34 percent as a result of this initiative.

Despite these impressive claims, what does this mean for the end user? According to Schwalbe, the Green Marathon tires offer high mileage and optimized riding performance. The tires also feature Schwalbe's GreenGuard technology, which provides puncture protection using 100-percent recycled carbon black sourced from their recycling initiatives. This eliminates the use of fossil-based carbon black while maintaining the same level of quality and longevity.

Schwalbe oversees a meticulous process from start to finish for the production of these tires. Used tires are collected and shredded into granules, which are then used as raw materials for new tire production. This recycling process has earned Schwalbe recognition, including the Eurobike Innovators Prize in 2022.

The Green Marathon tires are just the beginning for Schwalbe. The company plans to introduce more eco-friendly tires across all categories by 2025, with a focus on reducing emissions throughout the tire's entire life cycle, from production to usage and disposal.