The BMW R 1300 GS Adventure Bike Gets a Boost with Touratech Luggage Options

The BMW GS has always been the benchmark for adventure bikes, and BMW has taken it to the next level with the introduction of the R 1300 GS. In addition to its already impressive factory setup, aftermarket manufacturers like Touratech enhance the bike's capabilities with a wide range of accessories and upgrades.

Touratech, a prominent name in the ADV accessory scene, is among the first to offer an extensive catalog of luggage options for the new big-bore adventure-tourer. With numerous products designed specifically for the R 1300 GS, let's take a closer look at some standout options.

Soft Luggage for Urban Riding and Long-Distance Touring

Soft luggage is a versatile and lightweight choice for both urban riding and long-distance touring. It allows for a streamlined profile when navigating through traffic or dense foliage. Touratech's selection of tank bags is perfect for commuters, providing quick access to daily essentials like phones, wallets, and documents. The Travel Tank Bag offers nine liters of storage and features Molle patches for added compatibility. Its waterproof hardshell cover ensures protection against the elements.

For off-road enthusiasts, the Touratech Extreme Edition Tank Bag is made from rugged materials and features robust zippers. With 10 liters of well-protected storage space, it's slightly larger than the Travel Tank Bag. Long-distance tourers can opt for the Touring Tank Bag, which offers expandable storage from nine to 14 liters. This versatile option is suitable for both commuting and long-distance touring.

Additional Luggage Options

Touratech also offers a range of additional luggage options that are compatible with Touratech parts and BMW optional accessories. Crash Bar Bags fit perfectly on Touratech fairing crash bars, while the Touratech Lid Bag mounts onto the cover of the BMW Vario top case, providing additional storage with easy access. Side Bags attach to Touratech pannier racks and are available in Waterproof, Extreme, Travel, and Endurance Editions to suit different needs.

For those with the complete BMW Vario luggage set, Touratech offers inner bags to simplify organization and transportation. The Discovery2 Soft Luggage System is a waterproof solution that includes a small and compact carrier. It provides 25 liters of storage space, along with Molle patches for mounting compatible accessories.

Visit Touratech's official website for more accessories, including handlebar bags, seat bags, rack packs, and various protection and comfort accessories designed specifically for the BMW R 1300 GS.