Shoei Introduces the X-Fifteen: The Ultimate Racing Helmet

Shoei's flagship racing helmet, the X-Fourteen, has received global recognition for its exceptional aerodynamic performance. Worn by top racers like Marc Marquez, the X-Fourteen is highly sought after in the sport and performance category. Designed specifically for racing, it is equipped with essential safety and comfort features.

Now, Shoei has taken the X-Fourteen to the next level with the introduction of the X-Fifteen, its spiritual successor. This new helmet builds upon the success of its predecessor, offering even more advanced features and improvements.

Aerodynamic Performance and Comfort

The X-Fifteen is the embodiment of Shoei's commitment to aerodynamics. Through extensive wind tunnel testing, Shoei has managed to reduce lift by 1.6 percent and drag by 6.1 percent compared to the X-Fourteen. This means that the X-Fifteen delivers stable aerodynamic performance at speeds exceeding 350 kilometers per hour (219 miles per hour). In addition to its aerodynamic prowess, the X-Fifteen also prioritizes comfort. It features enhanced ventilation through pressure analysis testing, with an air route that is 1.5 times deeper than its predecessor. This ensures that your head stays cool even at high speeds. The helmet also includes a rear stabilizer tunnel with an outlet below the spoiler, which effectively removes hot air and enhances stability.

Adjustable Fit and Clear Vision

Shoei has integrated enhanced split center pads into the X-Fifteen for a customizable fit. The helmet also has an expanded cheek pad area to ensure a snug fit at high speeds. Additionally, the X-Fifteen comes with a center-lock CWR-F2R shield that features an anti-fog visor, providing clear vision in all weather conditions.

Hydration System Compatibility and Safety Features

The X-Fifteen is designed to meet the needs of all racers. It is compatible with hydration systems, making it suitable for longer touring rides and endurance races. The helmet has a port on the chin that allows for the installation of a compatible hydration device. Shoei has also integrated an emergency helmet removal system for added safety in the event of an accident.

X-Fifteen Marquez Thai Special Edition

In 2024, Shoei will release a special edition X-Fifteen inspired by Marc Marquez's Thai GP helmet. This limited edition helmet, known as the X-Fifteen Marquez Thai, will be available in Japan for a limited time from April to June 2024. It comes with a price tag of 96,800 yen ($656 USD). The standard X-Fifteen has a suggested retail price starting at $899 USD in the US.