Introducing the Electric Gravel Bikes from Decathlon

Are you torn between wanting a mountain bike and a road bike? Decathlon has the solution for you - the electric gravel bike. These bikes are a combination of mountain bikes from the 90s and road bikes adapted for off-road terrain. They offer the best of both worlds.

Decathlon, a French outdoor and sports retailer, is known for its expertise in cycling. Under its Van Rysel brand, it has unveiled its latest e-gravel bike, the E-GRVL AF MD. This bike is powered by a Brose Drive T Mag mid-drive motor, providing a decent amount of power with a 250-watt nominal rating and 70 Nm of torque. It also features a compact 400-watt-hour battery pack.

In terms of components, the E-GRVL AF MD boasts a Sram Apex 12-speed drivetrain and Michelin Power Gravel tires. It has a carbon fiber fork to keep the front end light, but the frame is made of aluminum 6061 alloy to keep costs down. The price for this premium bike is 3,500 euros or about $3,800 USD.

If the E-GRVL AF MD doesn't meet your specifications, Decathlon also offers the E-GRVL AF X30. This bike features the German-built Mahle X35 rear motor, which is lighter and more responsive thanks to a built-in torque sensor and three assistance levels. It has a compact 244-watt-hour battery pack. The X30 also has superior components, including a Sram XPLR Transmission, Sram brakes, and Hutchinson Touareg gravel tires. It weighs 30.8 pounds and has the same alloy frame and carbon fork as the MD model.