Are you familiar with the great work being done by TTS Performance, a UK-based motorcycle shop? If you are, then you've probably heard of their flagship project, the TTS SuperBusa. This supercharged Suzuki Hayabusa is an absolute beast, producing 372 horsepower on the dyno and delivering an incredible sound and performance.

While Hayabusa fans may not want to admit it, TTS Performance understands that a shop cannot survive on two-wheeled falcons alone. That's why they also design and test aftermarket performance parts for various other motorcycles, which is great news for owners of bikes that aren't Hayabusas.

Take, for example, this Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. When it arrived at TTS, it already had some Screamin' Eagle performance modifications. But TTS didn't stop there. They added their own supercharger and made several other important modifications to ensure that the extra power is properly managed and transmitted. This includes additional oil coolers, an intercooler, a special clutch with a glass cover, and more.

Of course, the true test of any performance modifications is to put the bike on a dynamometer and measure its power output. When TTS tested this boosted Fat Boy, they found that it produces an impressive 234 horsepower at 5,900 rpm. In terms of torque, it now delivers 215 pound-feet at 5,300 rpm.

For comparison, a stock 2024 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy claims to produce 94 horsepower and 119 pound-feet of torque. While this particular Fat Boy may have had slightly more power with its previous Screamin' Eagle mods, it's still an impressive sight and sound.

After showing us the completed Fat Boy project for a customer, TTS takes us on a tour of their shop to see some other ongoing projects. One of them is a Yamaha Niken GT that is patiently waiting for its turn to receive a supercharger upgrade. We can't wait to see the results, as it promises to be fascinating.

In this update, TTS also mentions that they are currently hiring for a new employee at their shop. If you have the necessary skills and live in the Silverstone, England area, be sure to check out the details at the end of the video and send them an email if you're interested.