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A YouTuber Faces Arrest Warrant for Reckless Riding Video

A popular YouTuber known as Gixxer Brah is now wanted by the Colorado State Patrol after sharing a specific video on his YouTube channel.

The video, which has been removed, featured a first-person onboard footage of him riding from Colorado Springs to Denver in just 20 minutes. The CSP alleges that he exceeded speeds of 150 miles per hour during this ride, among other charges.

Gixxer Brah's channel is filled with similar helmetcam videos, providing viewers with a cockpit view of his bike. These videos often show the bike's gauges, road signs, and surrounding traffic. Although the video that led to the arrest warrant has been taken down, many of his other videos are still accessible, giving an idea of the content he produces.

Even if you haven't watched this channel before, you are likely familiar with the concept of first-person riding videos. It can be enjoyable to record and relive exciting rides, either alone or with friends, especially with the advancements in cameras and editing software.

However, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of riding responsibly and not endangering others on the road. Stay safe, keep yourself and your loved ones happy, and continue riding responsibly.

Nevertheless, one question arises when situations like this occur. Why would someone choose to upload and share footage of themselves engaging in risky behavior on their bike (or in their car, or anywhere else)?

Presumably, the likes and subscribers gained from such content cannot outweigh the potential risk of getting arrested due to self-incriminating evidence.

We are not legal experts, but it seems obvious that avoiding unnecessary trouble should be a priority.

TL;DR version:

Ride responsibly and refrain from posting videos of reckless behavior online. We assumed this concept was self-evident, but apparently, it needs to be explicitly stated.