Propella Releases Affordable Mini Max E-Bike

Seattle-based electric bicycle specialist Propella is dedicated to making e-bikes affordable and accessible. Their latest model, the Mini Max, exemplifies this mission with a price under $1,000 USD and a lightweight, dependable design. Let's take a closer look at this small but capable two-wheeler.

Propella emphasizes safety, particularly in regards to fire prevention with their batteries. The Mini Max's battery has been tested and certified by SGS according to UL 2271 standards, ensuring it meets industry safety requirements. This is especially important as some states now require certified batteries for e-bikes to reduce the risk of fires.

The Mini Max's battery provides up to 40 miles of range in pedal-assist mode and 20 miles in throttle-only mode. It only takes three hours to fully charge. The motor is a rear geared hub motor from Chinese manufacturer Ananda Drive Techniques, with 350 watts of nominal output and a peak of 550 watts. The bike is classified as a Class 2 e-bike with a top speed of 20 miles per hour.

One of the Mini Max's selling points is its lightweight design, weighing just 38 pounds with the battery, kickstand, and rear rack included. This makes it easy to carry and maneuver, while still being able to carry your daily essentials.

Other features of the Mini Max include a low-step frame and a low-maintenance single-speed drivetrain. While it uses a standard chain instead of a belt, the single-speed configuration eliminates the need for adjusting shifters and derailleurs. Simply lubricate the chain regularly and you're good to go.

Despite the lack of gears, the powerful motor and affordable price tag of $999 USD make the Mini Max an attractive option. Propella Bikes is even offering an early-bird promo, allowing customers to pre-order the bike for just $899 USD.