Classic Legends Plans to Expand Jawa Yezdi Brand with 750 Touchpoints in India

Classic Legends, the owner of BSA and Jawa Yezdi brands, is aiming for a major expansion of the Jawa Yezdi brand in the next few years. The company plans to establish 750 touchpoints in key cities across India within the next 24 to 30 months. Currently, the Jawa Yezdi network consists of 423 dealerships, but the company hopes to surpass 500 soon. The growth of the motorcycle industry in India has increased the demand for premium models, and Classic Legends intends to leverage its extensive network to meet this demand. The company will focus on towns where it already has a presence, aligning with its strategy to streamline product offerings to cater to diverse consumer needs.

CEO Ashish Singh Joshi stated, "We have 423 dealerships and the number is expected to soon expand to more than 500 dealerships. As India sees more affordability and finance availability, motorcycle sales will increase. Every player is competing on a different platform with different products. If we are present in some towns, we will go further below and add multiple touchpoints in the towns that we are present in."

One example of this expansion is the upcoming launch of the new Jawa 350, which will offer new innovations in performance and safety. Priced at Rs 214,950 (approximately $2,586 USD), the bike will feature large front and rear disc brakes with dual-channel ABS from Continental.

In addition to the Indian market, Classic Legends is also focusing on the global market, particularly the ASEAN and European markets. A Czech company will export Jawa bikes from India to key European markets, marking an interesting development as the Jawa brand originated in the Czech Republic. Classic Legends also has plans to expand into the ASEAN market, where middleweight retro models have gained popularity. Furthermore, the company aims to extend the reach of the BSA brand to markets such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.