In 2018, the Mahindra Group, an Indian automotive giant, acquired the iconic British motorcycle brand BSA. Since then, BSA has been introducing several innovations primarily in the UK and neighboring European markets. BSA holds a significant heritage on the global stage, and its expansion into the global market is long overdue.

While motorcycle enthusiasts in the US eagerly await the return of the BSA brand, people in India may not have to wait as long. According to a recent report by AutoCar Professional, Classic Legends, Mahindra's motorcycle division, plans to expand the BSA brand in the Indian market. The report suggests that BSA will enter India in 2025 and venture into the electric vehicle segment.

Classic brands entering the electric scene is not a new phenomenon. Royal Enfield has already announced its plans for electrification, and other brands like Triumph and BMW have showcased EV prototypes and concepts. BSA's expansion will be supported by a significant investment of approximately $105 million from Classic Legends. This investment will be used to diversify BSA's product range and establish more dealers and service centers in India and other key markets.

Although India plays a crucial role in BSA's expansion due to its ownership by an Indian company, Classic Legends aims to expand beyond its home country. The company plans to establish a presence for the revived BSA brand in markets such as Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. To meet the demands of these markets, the manufacturing facility in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh will be upgraded to produce electric motorcycles.

When it comes to the Indian and Asian market, Classic Legends CEO Ashish Joshi stated that the company is considering the development of twin-cylinder engines. However, the demand for such engines is currently low in India, as most retro and classic bikes in the small-to-mid displacement segment are powered by single-cylinder engines.

Ultimately, BSA will prioritize the preferences of the local market. Joshi envisions BSA becoming the second-largest brand in India's mid-size motorcycle segment, following Royal Enfield, which has global sales exceeding 850,000 units.