Aprilia Triumphs at the 2024 Africa Eco Race

Aprilia embarked on its Back to Africa project with a clear objective: to showcase the power of the Tuareg 660 at the Africa Eco Race, one of the world's most challenging rally raid events. Fast forward to January 2024, and Aprilia's Jacopo Cerutti proudly stood atop the podium as the winner of the 2024 Africa Eco Race.

Cerutti and his teammate Francesco Montanari both competed with their rally-prepped Aprilia Tuareg 660s in this grueling event. The bikes were modified with an Öhlins by Andreani suspension, an SC-Project titanium exhaust, and a Sprint Filter air filter.

Both Cerutti and Montanari delivered impressive performances, with Cerutti, the experienced rider, and Montanari, the rookie, forming a formidable duo. Throughout the race, Cerutti consistently remained in the top three alongside Yamaha Tenere World Raid Team riders Alessandro Botturi and Pol Tarrés.

The trio constantly exchanged positions in the top three during each stage, with minimal time differences between them. At the end of the 2024 AER, less than 26 minutes separated the top three riders.

After calculating the times and applying any penalties, here are the official results for the top 10 riders:

  1. Jacopo Cerutti
  2. Alessandro Botturi
  3. Pol Tarrés
  4. Francesco Montanari
  5. ...

Reflecting on the race, Cerutti shared, "I had quite a scare today because, at the 20th kilometer, there was a mix-up with a note, and I thought my rivals had left me behind. However, I managed to find the track again and caught up with Botturi." He also praised his opponents for their sportsmanship throughout the race.

Cerutti expressed his satisfaction with the Tuareg, stating, "It was a tense Africa Eco Race for us, with Botturi and Tarrés constantly pressuring us, but we handled it well. The Tuareg proved itself capable of enduring such a demanding marathon. I am excited to celebrate with the team!"