Tragic News from the 2024 Dakar Rally

During Stage Two of the 2024 Dakar Rally, Carles Falcón, a rider from TwinTrail Racing, was involved in a serious crash and had to be airlifted to the hospital. Initially, it was reported that he had no pulse when medical help arrived, but fortunately, the first doctor on the scene was able to revive him.

Since then, there had been no updates on Falcón's condition until January 15, 2024, when TwinTrail Racing Team shared devastating news on their social media accounts.

"This Monday, January 15th, we sadly announce that Carles has passed away. The medical team has confirmed that the neurological damage caused by the cardiac arrest during the accident is irreversible," the team's statement begins.

"Carles was a cheerful and active person who had a great passion for everything he did, especially motorcycles. He was living his dream by participating in the Dakar Rally. He was happy and enjoying his time on the bike. Let us remember him for his smile and the joy he brought to everyone," the statement continues.

"Carles was not only a computer engineer in training but also a motorcycle instructor and tour guide. He shared his knowledge and passion with many people. He taught with patience, energy, and happiness, making everyone enjoy the world of motorcycles. This is his legacy, and we will always cherish it. His family, friends, teammates, and supporters will keep his memory alive," TwinTrail Racing's statement reads.

The statement also requests privacy for Falcón's loved ones as they plan ceremonies to honor his life and mourn his loss in the coming days. It expresses gratitude for the understanding and support received during this difficult time.

We, at RideApart, extend our deepest condolences to all those who were close to Carles Falcón. We are grateful for the time he spent sharing his love for motorcycling with the world, whether it was through his instruction or his participation in the Dakar Rally. Our thoughts are with all those who cared for him, no matter where they may be.